Hero Home Source works with ONLY Direct Lenders. Direct Mortgage Lenders must be Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, Home Path and Home Steps Approved. The Loan Origination officers must complete Hero Home Source benefits training and adhere to strict customer service and operations standards.
The return is a pool of consumers that have steady income, atypical high moral character and statistically higher overall credit ratings than other consumer groups.

The unique viral marketing advantage associated with public servants is the deeper camaraderie, proximity and accessibility of the network itself.

  • When you treat a TEACHER well,
    he/she tells other teachers!
  • When you treat a COP well
    he/she tells the other COPS!
  • Firefighters typically live together
    48 hours per week.
  • And if you have ever been through
    boot camp you would know the
    meaning of the word camaraderie.

The advantages of offering employee benefits to public service professionals extends past the immediate market share and growth opportunities. The community service initiative upgrades your practice in the eyes of all of your consumers regardless of their own professional endeavor. EVERYONE understands and appreciates your companies recognition of these special HEROES of their community. HERO HOME SOURCE provides press release opportunities, public relations opportunities and is politically correct whether you lean to the left or right. Upgrade your organization or personal marketing by becoming a HERO HOME SOURCE benefits director for your area.